J.C. has shared his works and writing knowledge through various videos. Most notably, he dives deep with his YouTube series, WORDSWORTH

WORDSWORTH, Episode 1: How NOT to Use "SAID"

Writing dialogue is key to a riveting story with compelling characters. But we simply can't keep using "said" so frequently.
There are other options that can show volume, action, personality, and presence. Even similar words can have minor differences.

WORDSWORTH, Episode 2: How NOT to Use "WENT"

Describing both the setting and how your character moves will matter. That's why it's vital to know how to write movement from one place to another. What does it say about the hero? What is he or she after? Is there danger lurking ahead or behind them?

WORDSWORTH, Episode 3: How To Write Fight Scenes

Combat is entertaining and often necessary to show escalation in conflict, which is key for any great story. There are different ways in which characters may clash. Wielding the right words for the story is like choosing the right weapon for the battle. Be armed and enter the arena that is the blank page on your journal!

WORDSWORTH, Episode 4: HOT vs COLD How To Write Temperature

Both a person and a setting can have a personality that varies in degrees. Fiery and passionate or bitter and cold. There are elements related in both that can truly enhance your characters and world-building. How do you feel? What surrounds you? Is it brutal or pleasant? Tension comes with an intense environment; it challenges the protagonist and invites the reader to feel their pain or joy. Knowing how to expertly describe the heat (or lack thereof) is a wonderful skill for any writer.

WORDSWORTH, Episode 5: VLOG SPECIAL Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2017

To make it as a writer, you have to meet other writers and learn how they've mastered the craft of turning their passion into a career.
Traveling on your own by bus, taxi, trolley, or even a plane! It's all so rewarding if you're hungry for new experiences.
Let's visit the ultimate So Cal gathering for book-lovers!