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Chapter Fourteen: The Mirror

The welcoming warmth of the fire woke up the injured lad. Peter Pan leaned forward, trying not to let his bruises sting. He was grateful for the cushiony chair that held him. In fact, it bewildered him as to how he got there. He turned his neck too fast and pulled a tight nerve. Hissing out the pain, Peter Pan pulled his head back and searched what he could with his eyes.
Sitting across the room, a hearth crackled with flickering embers. Paintings in golden frames decorated the walls. It was too dark to really see any of their fine details.
Above the dusty mantle, one particular painting stared at Peter Pan. It was a portrait of a pale child in rich, puffy clothes, the kind that would attract Captain Hook. Peter Pan shrugged, trying to rest in hopes that the pain would go away. 
"MONSIEUR!" cried a jolly voice in a thick French accent.
"Huh?" mumbled Peter Pan.
"Hush, Lumiere! The poor child clearly needs more rest," snapped another voice, shrill and finicky.
"Oh Cogsworth. I saw it in his eyes. He is awake now. We should tell the Master," suggested the first voice.
"The Master is grieving right now. Let's both give them time to-"
"Time to what? To gather dust and fiddle with our cogs? Belle is gone!"
"Belle," repeated Peter Pan weakly. Her name brought back memories of her face. Frightened at first then still as stone. "BELLE!"
"It looks like he is ready after all," said the first voice, delighted to prove himself right.
"Let's not be so jumpy. He did suffer a nasty fall," said the second voice cautiously
"Who's there?" asked Peter Pan. He tried to look for any moving figures without hurting his neck. 
Click-click! Thunk-thunk!
Two household items approached Peter Pan from behind the lounge chair. He rubbed his eyes and shook his head. Was he dreaming this whole time? Was he still lying in the forest?
"I believe we never made proper introductions, Monsieur." It was the golden yellow candelabra that spoke first. His facial features stretched from the wax of his middle candlestick.
"How could we? He was unconscious when the Master brought him in." His companion was a wooden, pendulum clock with stumpy feet and handle-like arms. He looked at Peter Pan with a nervous grin. 
"Precisely the point!" exclaimed the candelabra, clearing his throat. "I am Lumiere, the maître d' of this castle."
"And I am Cogsworth, the Majordomo," added the clock, as if rushing to flaunt his name and title. "How are you feeling tonight?"
"Not good...not great...kinda beat up," answered Peter Pan, checking his sore limbs. 
"Let us know if there is anything we can do to make you feel more comfortable," offered Lumiere.
"Let me ask you something. How did I get here? You said your master brought me here. Is he the big, furry guy?" asked Peter Pan.
Lumiere and Cogsworth exchanged awkward looks with each other.
"I...uh...wouldn't exactly use those...er...choice of words," advised Cogsworth.
"But it is not incorrect," reasoned Lumiere before turning to Peter Pan. "He left you in our care. When you are feeling better, we can all go see him in the West Wing."
"LUMIERE?! Do you think that's the best idea? Of all places!" shrieked Cogsworth.
"And I suppose we should expect the Master to come to us? We heard what this boy can do from Madame de Garderobe. And if the Master trusts him, maybe he can help us rescue Belle! We must give the Master faith at once before it is too late," asserted Lumiere.
"Belle...she was taken...by some phantom," recapped Peter Pan faintly.
"A phantom? How ghastly! Though it would fit the description that Madame de Garderobe gave us," said Cogsworth
"Madame who?" asked Peter Pan.
"The woman-I mean...wardrobe, who was tasked with guarding Belle," explained Lumiere. "She could not save her though. But we mustn't let our fires die so soon. Come, come!" The fiesty candelabra beckoned Peter Pan to follow him out of the room.
"We mustn't be so imposing," fussed Cogsworth.
"But we cannot waste help if it is sitting in our parlor!" argued Lumiere.
"Guys, guys!" Peter Pan waved his hands to get their attention. "I get it. Belle's in trouble and you want to save her but I have someone else I need to save too. Do you know where Tinker Bell is?"
"Tinker...Bell?" repeated Lumiere slowly. "I don't suppose she is a friend of yours, Cogsworth. Is she?"
"Why would you assume that?"
"Well I certainly don't know her. I thought that because of her name, maybe she is a...tinkering ticking clock?"
"Come now! Not all clocks know each other. Are you well-acquainted with the matchbox in the basement?" retorted Cogsworth.
"The POINT is-" interrupted Peter Pan. "I tried to help Belle but...I couldn't. I don't even know where to start."
As Lumiere sighed, his candle flames shrank. Cogsworth frowned, lowering the two clock hands from his nose.
"We understand. You are still welcome to recover here for as long as you need," said Cogsworth, torn between courtesy and sorrow. "We won't ask anything more of you but we would like to thank you."
"What'd I do?" asked Peter Pan.
"Monsieur, the Master brought you in here in is own arms. We have never seen such kindness from him since...uh." Lumiere hesitated to finish his sentence. 
"What Lumiere means to say," continued Cogsworth earnestly, "Is that the Master told us what you tried to do for Belle. We are grateful for your noble efforts and we wish you all the luck in the world in your search for Madame...uh...Tinker Bell. If you would be so kind, please remain here while we tend to our Master." Lumiere and Cogsworth gave a servant's bow before excusing themselves out of the parlor.
As soon as the door knob clicked shut, Peter Pan swallowed a lump of guilt. He hated himself for rejecting their plea. What else could he say or do? Tinker Bell was still at the mercy of her kidnapper. Peter Pan would have suspected Captain Hook; but he and his ship had vanished from Neverland's waters a couple days before it happened. Upon discussing it with his Lost Boys, he had to accept that the handwriting was much different than Hook's cursive letters or Mr. Smee's scribbles. It had to be someone else. But who?
No matter. Peter Pan only needed the pain to go away. Then, he would be out of the castle by dawn with a second chance. Without realizing it, Peter Pan was lifted out of the chair by his own confidence. He was careful to not be too excited and hit the ceiling with his bruised back. Just thinking about it was too painful.
Gliding around the room, Peter Pan thought back to all the daring adventures he once had, back in Neverland. Too many times had he risked his life to see the scaredy-cat look on Captain Hook's face. Shortly after Captain Hook and his crew went missing, Peter Pan had endured one of the most boring days of his life. He wished for a real challenge, something more treacherous than grumbly, silly pirates. Something that would be tricky that only a clever kid like he could solve. If he proved victorious, it would make for a heroic story to tell the mermaids. He did love bragging about his amazing feats and close encounters with death. This time, it was not about glory or surviving; Tinker Bell was gone and far away from Neverland. Peter Pan sighed, regretting his foolish wish.
Pirates aside, someone else wanted Peter Pan get sidetracked and ambushed by the Beast and the Heartless. Their fight would serve as an oddly convenient diversion for that someone to kidnap Belle. 
It had to be the phantom. As the idea lingered in his head, Peter Pan believed that the phantom had to be the same fiend that kidnapped Tinker Bell. It could fly far and high, something handy for getting to Neverland and out. He and the Beast must have shared the same diabolical enemy. He dropped delicately to the floor and gazed at the firewood, burning into mounds of soot and ash. A creak caught his attention. Peter Pan turned and found the parlor door, open to a crack. Lumiere and Cogsworth seemed like nice people, despite being household objects. He wanted to help them. He wanted to help the Beast too.
*    *    *
Burning with determination, Lumiere marched hastily down the West Wing. It was a haunting hallway, made darker with the lurking shadows and scarce windows. He preferred the East Wing, made much more elegant and brighter with its angle facing the sunrise, every morning, year-round. Every servant loved to make the long trip, just to visit Belle. She was sweet with an enchanting spirit. Once she was taken away, nearly everyone in the castle was devastated. It was now an urgent matter that Lumiere could not simply ignore. Apparently, it was also a tiresome matter that Cogsworth could not simply follow with his stumpy feet.
"The...Master...is...not...ready," panted Cogsworth. Right as he tripped and fell, he flipped over to his back. "For goodness sake, Lumiere! Will you slow down?!" 
"He has had enough time!" blurted Lumiere. His spirit diminished right as he approached the bedroom door.
"Well, you've already come this far!" scolded Cogsworth, wobbling as he tried to stand.
Click, click! Lumiere knocked with his candlestick. He waited a few seconds before jumping to twist the door knob and entering the bedroom. Cogsworth hustled to catch up. Pushing the door, which creaked the hinges, caused Cogsworth to gasp. He gave a timid peek. His cogs tightened in terror. 
Lumiere appeared fragile and small, compared to the massive master of the castle. Under the morning twilight, the Beast slumped at his tea table. He caressed a glass case, which housed a floating, red rose. Several dry petals littered below its prickly stem. His melancholy eyes sagged to the smooth, cold surface of the table. Lumiere was not sure if his master knew he was standing right next to him. He suddenly found it difficult to mutter a single syllable.
"What do you both want?" grumbled the Beast, in a most miserable voice.
"Master," began Lumiere, giving a quick glance at Cogsworth. "We want to know what we can do to get started on our rescue mission."
"What rescue mission?" asked the Beast.
"To save Belle, of course! We must round up a search party and scour the forest!"
"There's no point. Belle is gone. That phantom...it must have come to remind me...that I am meant to be...forever-" 
"M-master!" chimed Cogsworth.
The Beast lifted his head and grunted. His deep, piercing eyes intimidated Cogsworth, shuddering. He cowered and came close to where Lumiere stood.
"I do think that Lumiere has the right idea. Perhaps, if we look in the library, we can learn something about this phantom and-"
Like a violent tremor, the Beast's paw slammed the table. He firmly gripped the rose case to stay still. Stretching his legs, the Beast towered over his puny servants, holding onto each other in fear.
"Why can't you two accept it? The spell was never meant to be broken! Belle was the closest chance I-" The Beast growled, distorting the rest of his words.
A soft knock from the hallway disturbed his rage.
"Who's there?!" barked the Beast.
Peter Pan reached to pushed the door open wide. He flew into the room, covered in ripped wallpaper and filled with smashed furniture.
"Oh. It's you," grumbled the Beast.
"Yeah." Peter Pan landed on the floor and took a few steps forward. The Beast glared at him.
"What do you want now?" asked the Beast.
"Well first. I don't think I ever told you my name. Call me Peter Pan. What's your name, big guy?" Peter Pan charmingly offered his hand to shake. He knew he could only expect to hold one furry finger from the Beast. Instead, he huffed at the boy and hid the rose against his chest.
"Second. I wanna say thanks for letting me rest here. You're not so bad, after all. Maybe that's why Belle liked you so much."
"Did you just come here to bring more agony?" Rage boiled deep from the bottom of the Beast's throat.
"No, no! I'm here to help you get her back. I-," Peter Pan twitched the wrong muscle in his shoulder. A stinging pinch caused him to gasp. He pressed his muscle to subdue the pain.
"You obviously care a whole lot about Belle. You need faith and trust...and...well. I don't have any pixie dust on me but hey! That's two out of three." Peter Pan beamed with optimism.
"Faith...trust...I had those things. But only when she was around. What am I supposed to do now?"
"Give yourself a bit of faith and trust. It's easy with your friends but you gotta love yourself too. A little goes a long way."
"Easier said than done," argued the Beast.
"It's easier if you actually try. Come on, let's try something. Uhm...uh..." Peter Pan scratched his head. He hovered and searched through the chaotic mess around the bedroom. Sitting in a dusty corner, he found snapped frames and shattered glass. He flew over the debris and picked up a large shiny shard. He then brought it over to the Beast at his table. 
"Take a look and tell yourself how amazing you are. Go on," encouraged Peter Pan.
The Beast sneered harshly and swished his mane-like head away.
"Fine. I'll get started for you. I am...uhm...Mr. Big Guy. And I'm brave...strong...and tough...and-" As Peter Pan improvised compliments, the Beast groaned. Lumiere and Cogsworth stood by, less scared but more confused. 
"And...kind. Kind because after I fell, you brought me back here. Kind because...you told Lumiere and Cogsworth to take care of me. Kind because...well...okay, I got you started. Now you try."
The Beast let out a pouty grunt.
"Just one thing. I said like...twelve things," insisted Peter Pan.
"You're not very good at counting, are you?" asked the Beast, raising a thick eyebrow. 
"It's still more than you. Here, I'll do myself. I'm Peter Pan and I'm clever, heroic, speedy, amazing, talented, handsome, noble, clever, honest, humble-"
The Beast snorted. 
"What?" Peter Pan was not sure if his response came from anger or a sense of humor.
"You can stop. I'll...say something." The Beast pressed his large finger on the glass shard and brought it closer to him. He was much too big for his whole head to fit in the reflection, even after leaning back. He adjusted the angle to reveal his jaw and right eye.
"I am...uh...punctual," mumbled the Beast.
"Uhhh...what does that mean?" asked Peter Pan, completely clueless.
"It means he's very timely. Not one to be tardy for the party," joked Cogsworth.
"Ohhh." Peter Pan shrugged and waited for the Beast to try once again.
"I'm...I am...really...erm...rich?" The Beast frowned sheepishly and lowered his head.
"Well, you've got a lot of nice stuff. But you just gotta give one good word about yourself. And you can't use any of the twenty words that I used." Peter Pan crossed his arms and smirked. He was confident that the Beast needed to try just one more time.
"I...am," The Beast struggled to think of a single compliment. There were too many others that fit well as insults: rude, sloppy, bratty, destructive, ill-tempered, hideous, wretched, smelly, loathesome, enor-.
"Come on!" nagged Peter Pan. "You can't just take like....bajillion seconds." His childish voice, followed by a petty groan, irked the Beast. His eyes turned thin and his mind snapped, just for a second.
Grrr-RAWR! The Beast smacked the mirror fragment to the wall.
KLING! A glitter of shattered glass coated the carpet. Both Lumiere and Cogsworth flinched. Peter Pan jolted up to the ceiling. 
"This is stupid!" shouted the Beast. "It doesn't matter what I think of myself. We're wasting time. Belle is in danger. We have to go find her!"
"There's the fire we've been searching for!" praised Lumiere. He applauded his master with his candlesticks. Cogsworth inched away and sighed as he looked to the wall.
"Oh dear."
"What is it, Cogsworth?" asked Lumiere.
"Oh, I was just thinking. That piece of mirror that flew across the room. Good thing it wasn't the magic mirror. That would have been an awful accident."
"Magic mirror? What are you talking about?" asked Peter Pan.
"The mirror," muttered the Beast. "The mirror!" He frantically scanned his bedroom before glaring at Cogsworth. "Where is it?!"
"I uh...do believe...it was last seen with Belle in the...uhm, oh yes! The library!" Cogsworth overcame his stammer. The Beast stormed out of his bedroom. Only Peter Pan could keep up with him by flying.
He watched his speed in the corridors at every turn. The last thing he wanted was to crash into a wall and add another bruise to his body. All he had to do was fly fast enough to follow the thumping sounds of the Beast who used the stairs to get to the higher levels of the castle.
Peter Pan did not bother to count which floor he had reached. He found himself at the open doorway of a gigantic room. 
"Whoa!" The boy was amazed beyond imagination. The library did not fit with the doom and gloom that accesorized the rest of the castle. Loaded shelves of large books stood proudly like the magnificent pillars of a pantheon. Peter Pan was never the reading type. From his small collection, his favorites were the rhyming, picture books. He had only one novel that had so many tiny words, crammed onto a single page, it made him feel dizzy.
Passing through the organized aisles, Peter Pan found the Beast shifting through a pile of books on a mahogany desk. Upon a cry of relief from the Beast, Peter Pan flew in for a closer look. It was a hand mirror with a crystalline frame and handle. It appeared very delicate, which Peter Pan hoped would not suddenly be crushed by the Beast's large hand.
"Show me where Belle is," commanded the Beast. The mirror briefly beamed with a blinding light. The reflection of the walls and shelves shifted into the image of Belle. Her face was still petrified. Peter Pan leaned in from behind the Beast's shoulders. The red morning sky shined in the background. A flap of a black cape whipped in front of the image. The Beast growled upon the grim reminder of Belle's kidnapper. The phantom.
"She's safe...for now," said the Beast. He tried to speak calmly but his frustration came out, beyond control. "But tell me WHERE she is?"
The mirror's image zoomed out. Both Belle and the phantom shrank, giving a much wider view of the sky.
"I get it," said Peter Pan. "It's literally showing you where they are and the phantom is still flying. The sky covers everything so we gotta ask the right question. Can I try?"
When the flying boy reached for the mirror, the Beast hesitated. After the rose, the mirror was his second most prized possession. But above all tangible objects, Belle was most important in his heart. He could sense that Peter Pan genuinely wanted to help rescue her. The Beast then decided to trust him and handed him the mirror.
"Can you show us where the phantom is taking Belle?" requested Peter Pan, squinting when the mirror shined into his face. The colors swirled and revealed a crown-shaped mountain. It appeared dark and dusty orange. Peter Pan guessed it had some kind of harsh, dry weather. It was the exact opposite of Neverland. 
"Do you know where this place is?" asked Peter Pan. 
"I don't. But...COGSWORTH! LUMIERE!" hollered the Beast towards the hallway. Peter Pan imagined how startled the two servants must have been feeling. He swiftly sped out of the library. The Beast only had to wait for less than a minute before Peter Pan returned, holding both Lumiere and Cogsworth under his arms. 
"Thank you, Monsieur," said Lumiere, jumping to the table, in between the mess of books.
"Yes, M-master? You summoned us?" asked Cogsworth timidly. Peter Pan brought him down carefully and showed him the mountain in the mirror. Cogsworth fidgeted with his clock hands as he thought deeply. Once he had an idea, his gears clicked. He asked Peter Pan to bring him to the highest shelves in the library to gather two particular map books. Cogsworth enjoyed the feeling of flight as they ascended and looped over and through the shelves.
He giggled upon landing and immediately flipped the pages of the collected texts. He identified the mountain as "King's Peak," and used another book to find a map that included the forest that surrounded the castle. Peter Pan nodded and grinned with triumph.
"You can read the map?" asked the Beast skeptically.
"Yeah, I know where to go from here," Peter Pan thought about his bearings relative to the stars in the sky, Neverland, and King's Peak.
"Then we've got no time to lose. Let's go!" ordered the Beast.  
"Uh, Master? Before you go, we better make sure you are well fed for your travels," suggested Lumiere.
"I don't need to eat. I'll go hungry until I bring a Belle back," refused the Beast.
"Hold up, big guy." Peter Pan dropped in front of the Beast and crossed his arms. "You need all the strength you can get if we're gonna do this together. You won't stand a chance on an empty stomach. Especially if we gotta fight that phantom again."
The Beast grumbled. He nodded and looked away.
"One hour. Meet me by the castle doors by then," instructed the Beast. He was the first to leave the library after snatching the mirror. The servants and Peter Pan followed right behind him, all arriving back to the ground floor. At the dining room, the Beast munched on an apple as Lumiere hurried to prepare a complete meal with the kitchen staff. Peter Pan glimpsed briefly at the silverware and pots that danced madly with ingredients like eggs and bread.
As the Beast scarfed his breakfast, he spotted Cogsworth, holding a full plate of food over his head and scurrying out of the dining room.
"Where's he off to?" asked the Beast to  Lumiere.
"He's sending it off to Monsieur Pan. The boy needs to eat too, Master. I thought it was most generous of you to give him an hour to recover from his injuries."
"I suppose so. Thank you, Lumiere." The Beast's formal tone surprised Lumiere. He was either used to silence or mumbled remarks.
"O-Of course! Cogsworth and I will be sure to alert the servants of your departure and guard the castle until you and Belle have both returned safely," said Lumiere with a jolly bow. The Beast tried to match his optimism. He wiped his mouth with his handkerchief, which made him think of Belle. With a deep sigh, he made his way to the foyer. He looked up and saw the boy in green lounging in midair, hands crossed and behind his head.
"There you are. Hehe! I thought you were in a hurry," teased Peter Pan. He gently glided over to the large castle doors and pushed them outward. The Beast shielded his eyes from the shining sky and leaped outside. He looked to the flower bushes in the courtyard. Again, he was reminded of Belle and her compassion. He shook his head, trying not to feel tormented by her absence. With the magic mirror and his plucky ally, he would soon be reunited with his true love and take down any Heartless or phantom that came in his way. 
"Once we're in the forest, which way do we go?" asked the Beast. Peter Pan pointed diagonally right. Immediately, the Beast padded his leg, holding the mirror with a strapped holster, and charged through the bridge. Lumiere and Cogsworth stood at the top stair of the castle entryway. They waved and saluted to Peter Pan.
"Thanks again you guys."
"Best of luck to you, Monsieur!" cheered Lumiere. "And to finding your friend, Madame Tinker Bell."
"And do be careful out there! That mountain might be the phantom's stronghold, crawling with those awful creatures," warned Cogsworth.
"Gotcha! You can count on us!" Peter Pan bolted onward, with his arms spread out. The plan was to give the Beast his space, while keeping an eye on him from afar. If he could tame him in any way, it would make their journey together much easier.
Peter Pan had not thought about when exactly he would fly down and check on the Beast. It was difficult for him to count minutes when his mind would wander like an easily distracted child. He curiously dropped just over the peak of the pine trees and watched the Beast move at full-burning speed. It was pretty impressive to see how long he could run at a constant speed. He was grateful to have such a powerhouse fellow on his side. Thinking highly of him reminded Peter Pan of something. It was something that amused him enough to swoop down and chat with his new partner.
"What is it?" asked the Beast. Peter Pan cruised along, bending his path around the trees.
"I just remembered," said Peter Pan casually. "You still gotta give me a word about yourself. Something good."
The Beast groaned and then turned silent. He continued to charge through the forest and slammed his heavy paws on the twigs and dirt that covered the ground.
"I'll leave you alone if you can think of-"
"I am...hospitable," answered the Beast.
"Hospi-what now?" asked Peter Pan, dodging a thick three that lurked in his blind side.
"It means I was good enough to not break your spine for breaking into my castle." The Beast growled and moved faster with a spurt of energy.
"Uhm, I guess that works." Peter Pan honored his word and headed up the pine trees. Through the leaves and branches, the sun gleamed at the magic mirror, nestled inside the Beast's leg holster. Some time soon, when the Beast was in a better mood, Peter Pan would have to ask him if he could use it to find Tinker Bell's location. He then flew higher and squinted at the horizon, in the direction of King's Peak. All he could see were a few blurry bumps, which could easily change once they journey beyond the vast forest. Peter Pan appreciated getting more time to let his injuries heal. Being back in the sky really helped to remind him that there was still so much to do before he could return to Neverland. He donned a daring smirk and rose even higher. The tender touch of the wind relaxed the fearless flyer.