Chapter 5: The Monsters

“Can't this piece of junk go any faster!” grumbled Randall, a five-foot tall, purple salamander. He thrust one of his eight feet against the gas pedal. The stolen vehicle was a puny cart with a plastic roof, held by four flimsy poles. With two seats available, there was only enough room for the reptilian rogue and a highly advanced mechanism in the passenger's spot. Randall had used his camouflaging scales to infiltrate the Monster's Inc. facility and purloined a spare global core, a critical piece to traveling between worlds. It was supposed to be a smooth hiest for a solo thief. Everything came to ruin when two employees of Monsters Inc. had caught him and chased him through an active doorway, one that lead to a strange jungle. 
The bumpy terrain only aggravated Randall. He reached one hand to steady the box, holding the core, which resembled a jagged gear with a flat bulb. He tried to steer the cart onto the smoothest surface he could see under the thick canopy. The blotchy patches of sunlight did very little to help him. All Randall had to do was get to the rendezvous point and deliver the core to the man who strongly desired it. 
RAAAAAAAAAAR! A spine-tingling roar echoed from behind. Thumping paws hounded after Randall. He pressed the pedal even harder. The edge of the jungle shined ahead. If the cart would keep its speed at constant, Randall believed he would make it.
"Aaaaaaah-AAAAAAH!" A familiar voice cried out in an attempt to mimic an animal call. Someone had swung from a vine and flew past the trees. 
THUD! That same person had landed on the roof.
Growling through his crooked teeth, Randall swerved the cart into a sharp turn. The jumper rolled over to the passenger side of the roof. As he hung low and reached for the box, Randall flicked his hand away. It was a small green monster whose body was mostly comprised of a giant eyeball with bony limbs.
"Get lost, Mike Wazowski!" hissed Randall. 
"Put a sock in it, lizard-boy!" snapped Mike. "You're not getting away!" He dove onto the box and reached for the folded cardboard lid. Randall lunged at Mike while holding the steering wheel with one foot. He jabbed Mike's eye and shoved him off the box. Mike gripped onto the edge of the cart, losing its speed. Randall stashed the box onto the pedal to keep the cart moving. 
"Say hi to your polka-dotted pal for me!" shouted Randall, ready to peel off Mike's hands.
KRRRRRSH! Two furry claws dug into the back of the cart. Randall's shriveled heart nearly burst. 
"Sulley, you big lump! Our old friend-turned-traitor wanted to say hi to you!" exclaimed Mike with a jolly grin.
Sulley was a seven-foot tall behemoth. Despite his azure fur with pink dots, this monster knew how to terrify any friend or foe. 
"Randall! There's nowhere else to go!" warned Sulley. Randall wormed to the bottom of the cart and grabbed the box.
"That's what you think!" As Randall leaped away, he kicked back the cart. Mike and Sulley were caught in a screeching tailspin. The cart rammed into a mossy tree. Randall snickered and carried the box out of the jungle.
Basking in the burning sunlight, Randall surveyed his surroundings. He distanced himself from the jungle's edge and moved closer to the center of a wide, dry terrain. Judging from the mountain peaks and the Southern cliff side above a large lake, Randall had arrived at the right spot to meet his client. He held the box overhead for shade. He immediately jolted out further when he heard Mike and Sulley getting closer. Randall had to admit that Sulley was right; there really was nowhere else to go.
PWWWF! Dark red plumes erupted in front of Mike and Sulley. They slipped as they cautioned themselves. Randall recognized the color of the smoke and fire. It curled into the hood of a cobra before constricting and twisting into the shape of a tall, thin man. The smoke cleared, revealing a sinister sorcerer in black and red. He wore an ornate feathered hat and held a cobra-shaped staff with ruby eyes. Perched on his pointed shoulder, a parrot snapped its beak at the two monsters.
"This tropical weather bites, Jafar!" squawked the parrot. "The humidity makes me feathers feel all shaggy!"
"Hush, Iago!" commanded the sorcerer. He sneered at Mike and Sulley. He swung his pitch black cape as he turned to Randall.
"You certainly like to make an entrance," snarled Randall.
"Do you have it?" asked Jafar with a cold, deep voice.
"It's in here, boss." Randall gave the box to Jafar, holding it with his left hand. His other hand thrust his staff towards Mike and Sulley, behind him.
"I see you," observed Jafar with disdain. "Are they from your world?"
"What? Yeah." answered Randall. Jafar hummed to himself. He gestured Iago to flutter to the box and open the lid. 
"This looks about right, Jafar." Iago pinched the global core, gleaming in the sunlight. "Now can we get out of here?"
"Patience," insisted Jafar. He inspected the core and slipped it into his pocket.
"Hand it over, you creep!" jeered Mike. Jafar ignored him and tossed aside the box.
"Hey!" shouted Sulley, "I don't know who you are or why Randall is working with you, but you need to give us back the core. It's dangerous!"
"Your concern is touching but hardly necessary," replied Jafar. He rubbed his staff and concocted an idea. "I think I'll make good use of you." Mike and Sulley looked at each other. Even Randall was confused by his words. Mike lost his cool and ran after Jafar. He aimed his cobra staff, glowing bright red from the eyes. Sulley lunged and yanked Mike away from Jafar's line of fire.
PZZZZZZ! The staff shot a beam of red light shot at Sulley. His roar was immediately cut off when his body froze. His soft fur turned to solid stone. Mike gasped as Sully was cursed and became a statue.
“Sulley? SULLEY!” cried Mike, tapping Sulley. Jafar shook his staff and levitated Sulley over to his side.
“What gives? What do you need him for?” asked Randall, impressed and threatened by Jafar's magic.
"This beast cannot be allowed to interfere with our plans. His little friend is not worth the effort." Jafar flung out his cape and raised his staff. He summoned a stormy portal of darkness through which he sent the Sulley, unable to fight back or move an inch. Mike's best friend had disappeared.
"Hey! What about our deal?" Randall was not about to be cheated by a scrawny man in lavish clothes.
"Of course, my friend. I shall honor our bargain." Jafar struck Randall with black and red bolts of electricity. The eight-legged reptile hollered in pain and flailed. Mike was mortified. Jafar scoffed back at him and passed through the portal. Mike ran after him but the portal vanished into a shadowy wisp.
Randall grunted and gasped, almost choking. Mike thought about offering help but Randall hissed with his sharp teeth.
"What did that guy do to you?" asked Mike softly. Randall let out a harsh scream and sprinted off the cliff side. Mike went after him. He had to know what was going on with Jafar and their deal. When Mike tumbled to the very bottom of the rocky slope, he spotted Randall, retreating into the lake. It was tiring to keep up but Mike made it to the damp sand where he collapsed. He could feel a tremor, rippling the lake. About twenty feet away, a bizarre vehicle sat by the water's edge. It looked like a wrecked police cruiser, red on the outside with two blue thrusters in the back. 
Randall emerged from the water but he had grown enormously. His upper four hands were turned into webbed claws. His spine had sprouted spikey quills, frilling in and out.  Mike looked at his adversary, having taken the form of a soulless sea serpent.
ARRRRRRGH! The mighty monster let out a thunderous scream. Randall dove and snatched Mike off the shore. Mike could feel his round body about to be squished. He cried for help.
PWWF! The cracked windshield burst out of the car. Randall followed the sound. Mike could see that the driver's seat was empty. A blurry, dark blue figure swiftly leaped over to Randall, pounded his head, and opened his claw. As soon as Mike was freed, he was carried while soaring over the water. He hollered until they landed, trailing through the wet pebbles on the shore.
"Thanks...uhm." Mike needed to blink his single eye at his rescuer. It had to be another monster like him but not any kind that he had ever met. 
"," squeaked the little blue creature. He was furry, had a peculiar koala nose, and stout rabbit ears. He put out his paw as if to shake hands. Mike hesitated but stared into Stitch's huge black eyes. He seemed like a friendly fellow.
ARRRRRRGH! Randall returned with another roar. Mike winced but Stitch growled back, unafraid. 
"Meega, nala kwishta!” mocked Stitch, ready to finish the fight.