"Eyes of the Raven"

Out of the haunting darkness, I reign
Following the pain, my wings are stressed
Forlorn and obsessed, a man clings to his past
His love will not last for I am the Raven

I reach his home with little flutter
In through the shutter, I make my entrance,
Which I deeply sense startles this man
He has no true plan for I am the Raven

Tangled in his illusion, the human woes
Tears drip down his nose, a sickening sight. 
But in candle light, his shadow will rise
And expose his lies for I am the Raven

“Nevermore!” is my message, simple and clear
His quivering fear gives into doubt
With a hearty shout, the man scolds my call
He denies his fall, for I am the Raven

Again I repeat, “Nevermore!”
My task, now a bore, should have no trouble
Yet he turns double, blazing at his keep
His troubles run deep, for I am the Raven

With the chiming clock, the time has come
Pounding like a drum, his heart cannot bear
A cold demon's glare, set on his soul
This was my true role, for I am the Raven

-May 2017