"The Super Rap"

You know...they always ask you this. 
Which superhero could you be? 
But what they really mean is... 
If you could have any ability, 
Which would you chose? 
Only one so don't get greedy. 
So what would I use...
To help the needy? 
Here we go!

I gotta be the man with the plan and go for super strength. 
I could toss those baddies far in length. 
Don't test me cuz I'll take you down
I don't mind slamming your face to the ground
But think of all the messes I would make. 
A simple hug could be my biggest mistake. 
I wanna protect the people I love
But I have to show the world what I'm made of
I got it!

So let me fly through the sky, above it all. 
Soaring over any dumbass's wall
Watch me now, I'm leading the flock
Cuz no one can hide from this killer hawk
Not the crooks, the gangs, or those dirty politicians. 
The kind that blow smoke like stage magicians. 
Let me unravel every despicable plot
I'll send their asses to jail to shrivel and rot. 

But there in the air, there's too much to see
Dare I say, I'm tempted to flee. 
Maybe I made the foolish pick. 
Cuz this ain't no super hero flick
It's all real life, without the edit
I didn't do this for glory or credit
Now I'm lost in this shivering night. 
But I've still got time to get this right. 

Back on land where I stand, one step more
I want the greatest gift in all superhero lore.  
I'll be switching to telekinesis
So I can rip my foes into pieces. 
Let my mighty mind do all the work. 
Catching those villains wherever they lurk. 
Fighting crime is no longer a hustle
So easy, I don't need to move a muscle. 
Listen here!

I've sealed my fate to be great across every city. 
Nothing left for me that's too dark and gritty. 
I approach the people who cower in fear
But this only happens whenever I appear
Look what I've done. Look who I've saved
Is this not the miracle for which you've all craved? 
How dare you make this hero into a joke! 
Time to tame these ungrateful townsfolk

My final choice, per my voice, is to rule time and space. 
That oughtta teach the human race. 
Twisting the fabric of reality
What I touch is of divine quality
I can do whatever the hell I please
To spread joy or the deadliest disease
The world is my sandbox and I will not share
I will decide what is right and fair. 

Upon my throne all alone, I wield almighty power
But this blasted burden ails me by the hour
In my haste, I sought to be a god
I turn to the mirror and see only a fraud
I had forgotten how this all started
Have I gone astray and blackhearted? 
This was about the people who needed me most
Not some selfish party where I was the host
One more time!

I was wishing and fishing for the right answer
Nothing I had could stop something like cancer
Why not ask for the power to inspire or heal? 
Instead of begging for followers to kneel
Screw the powers! We've all got our gifts
Let's unite and fight to end all rifts! 
I believe our hearts are pretty tough
Whatever you do, is super enough
Thank you!

-May 2017