My POP collection begins...

Lucio, the freedom-fighting Brazilian DJ, was the first character I played in Overwatch. It was a simple yet fun, knowing that I could passively support my teammates by healing them and boosting their speed through the thumping power of music. Plus, Lucio's optimistic personality shined as bright as his neon-colored gear. Given the massive love from the online gaming fandom and convention attendees, I had to guess...does POP sell their characters as adorable figures?

The answer was yes but not for all the heroes, which makes sense. They were hard to find and probably snatched by scalpers. Thankfully, a new wave of figures were coming and included my favorite Overwatch hero.

After preordering and handling my patience, I secured my prized possession. In the age of social media, I had to brag about it on Twitter and Instagram. I even got a response from Lucio's voice actor, Jonny Cruz, who agreed to sign the box if I ever met him.

I want to add more beloved characters to my collection but I must not be hasty. I want to appreciate each new addition and make the right choice for future purchases; otherwise I might fall victim to an addition similar "amiibola" in which I hunted down multiple Nintendo Amiibo figurines.

For those who collect POP figures, what was your first figure? What is your favorite? You know you have one. Don't give me that "I can't choose. It's like Sophie's Choice. Wa-wa-wa!" :)