J.C. Hope is a San Diego-born writer who finds inspiration from classic and modern mythology. By studying all forms of storytelling, he seeks to leave his mark on the world and create the next timeless tale, in every genre:
You want a young-adult fantasy-adventure series with anthropomorphic heroes? Crossing Tails!
You want a wacky yet satirical cartoon for all ages? Sparky Knows Best!
You want a horrifying short story of a dying patient who must outwit a half-man/half-animal doctor? Inhumane!
You want the next beloved Christmas story? The Golden Name!
You want a fan-made, epic crossover with beloved Disney characters? Super Disney Bros.!
You want the next pop-star hit song that will seize every club scene? Dance to your Death!
You want a retelling of a famous poem with a demonic bird? Eyes of the Raven

On top of scoring an Associate's Degree in Psychology, J.C. has demonstrated his vast knowledge of vocabulary through his YouTube series, "WORDSWORTH", where he teaches the hidden meaning behind new and familiar words.
J.C. keeps busy with new work across the web while also acting as a part-time games host for an escape room in the heart of Downtown San Diego.

For business inquiries, please contact him at j.cristian.hope@gmail.com


All photos on this site were taken by J.C. Hope, used with approved credit or free for public use